Appeals | Post-Decree Modification


ja-box-penIf you are trying to appeal a conviction, that means you didn’t get the result that you were seeking from a trial. The appeals court process is your last remaining hope for getting the conviction reversed. A successful appeal is based on two things: having a good case for appeal, and getting an expert attorney to represent you. Call now for a free consultation to determine if the aggressive and experienced representation you get from┬áJohn Alegria Law can help you get your appeal.

Post-Decree Modification

A post-decree modification can have positive effects on the individuals affected by a divorce. The point of a modification is to update a divorce decree so that it reflects changes in the lives of the represented family. For example, if a divorce was made final six years ago, several details of the lives of those affected may have changed. Through a modification, each party can address those changes and update the decree to reflect their current situations. Let John Alegria Law get your the advice and guidance you need to get your post-decree modification done right.

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